14 Places to Find Remote Work

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Once upon a time, remote work was a myth, a unicorn with a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. It simply was way too good to be true, and unfortunately, too many times, it was simply a scam.

Fortunately for everyone, remote work, working from home and online work are no longer fairytales and scams. More and more people are now working from home, especially in this infamous year of 2020, where everyone was practically forced to switch.

Nowadays, remote work is quite popular and even preferred. For some, this merely means switching their current jobs to work-from-home work. For others, this year has pushed them to look for remote work as part-time or even full-time employment. For yet many others, it means freelancing online (self-employed).

However, way you’re going about this, remote work is the new way of life, and you’ll need reliable and safe websites to look for remote work.

Everyone is looking for a remote job now, so I thought it would be a good idea to share these 15 places where you can find and apply for remote jobs.

Whether you’re trying to start a freelance career or hoping to nail down a remote job, these websites are a great place to start looking.

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14 Reliable Places to Find Remote Jobs

As with almost anything else in life, some of these sites are free to search, find and apply for remote jobs, while others are paid membership sites.

I don’t just want to list these websites to find remote work and leaving hanging, though. For each website, I give you a brief description of what they’re about and possible requirements. So, make sure you look through it. You might just find the right place that will start your next job!


UpWork is a platform that allows you to search for various freelancing projects in multiple industries. I have landed a couple of long-term clients through Upwork. This platform has, so far, been my best resource for finding short-term gigs and long-term clients.

Upwork is free to sign up and set up a profile, but they have a premium plan for freelancers now, which promises to have added benefits. I use their free plan and have made consistent income without problems, so I would recommend starting free first.

On Upwork, you have to bid for projects. This is important because you will be competing with people worldwide, and the minimum wage in their countries might be much lower, making it super competitive.

On the plus side, UpWork is excellent for discovering new clients and getting all the payroll and contract details done for you – the platform manages it all for a 20% starting fee per paycheque. 

Link: www.upwork.com              

Good to Know: Over time, Upwork has added a few different measures and indicators to verify clients, but the job listings per se are not vetted, so you need to be vigilant. I only mention this for your benefit, but I have never encountered a scam or sketchy clients on Upwork.


Likely a job board you are already familiar with, Indeed features thousands of jobs with hundreds being added daily.

Much like other regular job boards, you can search specifically for remote work by using search terms like ‘remote work,’ ‘online jobs,’ and ‘work-from-home work.’

Good to Know: You can also save your search and subscribe to get notifications for that particular search in your inbox. That way, you’ll always be updated on new jobs that fit what you’re looking for.

Link: www.indeed.com


FlexJobs is an online job board specifically for work opportunities with flexible work settings such as telecommuting, flexible hours and fully online/from home settings.

Unlike most job boards, you know, the job listings are vetted before they are posted on the job board, so you can rest assured you won’t be falling for any online job scams.

To access FlexJobs’ vast list of job opportunities, you need to pay a monthly subscription fee.

Good to Know: FlexJobs is rated by many different websites as the best job board/platform to find remote work, including to find remote corporate jobs.

Link: www.flexjobs.com


LinkedIn is a great platform to post your work profile and resume and find new job opportunities.

Most likely, you’re already quite familiar with LinkedIn and already have an account. But if you don’t, just know this is a free platform, specifically, career-focused, where you can post your resume and connect with colleagues. Additionally, you can also search for job opportunities and even learn a few new skills (although this feature is at a premium cost)

Link: www.linkedin.com  


ZipRecruiter is another great job board website that allows you to search for remote work jobs by keywords such as your industry of choice and location.

ZipRecruiter has a neat little feature that allows you to see the payment spectrum for the job you’re looking for. You can see the low-end salary, national average (U.S.A.) and the high-end of the spectrum. This gives you an idea of what to expect and what is reasonable.

Link:  www.ziprecruiter.com


ProBlogger is a blogging platform you’re probably already familiar with. They also have a job board mostly dedicated to freelance writing and writing gigs for bloggers.

You can search based on keywords, location, or the type of work you’d like, such as contract, freelance, full-time or part-time.

Much like many other job boards, you can sign up with ProBlogger and set up your resume and profile. This will make it easier to bookmark jobs that interest you and apply.

Link: www.problogger.com/job-board

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Solid Gigs

This is a freelance job feed delivered to your inbox weekly. They send you legitimate remote work opportunities in every industry.

They pre-screen and sort through all the freelance opportunities out there and only deliver the best of the best.

Good to Know: The downside is that you need to pay to be a subscriber and access their job listings. But you try it out for $2 for the first month and see if it makes sense for you.

Link: www.solidgigs.com


Fiverr is a freelancing platform where you can sell your writing services as gig packages. While it starts at $5 per gig, you can add premium packages for a higher amount or offer extra features on each gig for an additional fee.

All you have to do is sign-up and create a freelancer profile. Then, add a writing gig with a catchy description and some work samples. Usually, clients come to you and place orders that you’ve already predetermined in your gig, but you can also offer custom orders for an arranged price or check out the open orders section to see what clients are looking for.

Good to Know: One thing that sort of annoys me a little about Fiverr is that you need to check in daily and almost hourly or have an alert notification. Otherwise, you might have an order placed without noticing it, and it goes without being fulfilled. That’s a big no-no because it affects your ratings and gets you in trouble with the platform.

Also, the more successful Fiverr freelancers are the ones who promote their gigs everywhere (i.e. social media, etc.). If you don’t do that, you may get little to no orders.

Link: www.fiverr.com


Another well-known online freelancing job platform is Freelancer. With this freelancing platform, you have access to hundreds of freelance gigs, including freelance writing. Once you see something you like, you can pitch and bid for it.

Much like Upwork, Freelancer is a bidding freelance platform, so you need to stay competitive while maintaining your desired rate standards.

As a freelancer, you can sign up and set up your profile and verify your account. To fully complete your profile, you need to take some of their skills tests, but these are pretty basic.

Like Upwork, Freelancer has both a free membership for freelancers and a premium membership where you get extra bids per month and few other benefits. As always, I recommend you take a really good try at this platform using their free plan first before you spend any money.

Good to Know: Unlike Upwork and many other online freelancing platforms, with Freelancer, project listings can be posted in various currencies and are not restricted to the usual USD. While this kind of threw me off a little, it might be a plus if you’re an international freelance writer working from Europe, India or a different continent.

Link: www.freelancer.com    


Guru is a freelance platform you can use to find many different kinds of freelancing work, including writing gigs/projects. Like most freelancing platforms, you will need to sign up and create an attractive and compelling freelancer profile.

Like many freelancing platforms, Guru offers both free and premium plans for freelancers, with the latter giving you extra perks. In this case, Guru offers quite an array of premium plans – 4 plans to be exact. Each differs in terms of the transaction fees deducted from your pay for work done, as well as how many bids you’re allotted per month.

Good to Know: This is more for advanced freelancers, but a cool thing about Guru is that you can sign up as a freelancer or agency. You’ll need to select the Business or Executive membership plans for that, though, but if you already have a team in place, this may be a good way to get and manage clients, projects and invoicing.

Link: www.guru.com


Remote.co is another job board specially focused on finding remote jobs. On this free platform, you can find remote work in almost any industry you can think of – sales, customer service, developer, etc.

Much like any other job board, you can search for remote work by keywords, company names and job titles.

According to what I’ve read, Remote.co was created by the same person who founded FlexJobs, a highly rated job board platform for remote work.

Good to Know: It is free to search, but they also have an upgrade option, likely to get more features and benefits.

Link: www.remote.co

Angel List

Angel List is a fantastic platform to find remote work, but it’s not for the everyday joe/jane looking for a general remote job. No, this platform is for the higher-level professionals, and it connects them specifically with startup companies.

The good thing is that it is a free platform, and it has a vast database of remote jobs to apply to.

Good to Know: Best for top professionals in the tech and startup industry.

Link: www.angel.co

Dynamite Jobs

Dynamite Jobs doesn’t quite sound like a legitimate job board, but it is rated as one of the best platforms to find remote work worldwide.

On the platform, you can find work-from-home jobs and opportunities with flexible work schedules. It’s a free platform, and they get over 100 new online jobs every week.

Good to Know: This is an excellent platform for digital nomads, for working from anywhere in the world.

Link: https://www.dynamitejobs.com/

Virtual Vocations

Virtual Vocations is very popular for finding remote work. I would say this platform is comparable to FlexJobs in that it has an extensive database of remote jobs, and they also verify the jobs they list.

It is a premium website, so you won’t get much from their free version (just job summaries).

Good to Know: This job board is best for US-based workers and US-based companies.

Link: https://www.virtualvocations.com/

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Whenever you’re looking for work online, you need to be always on the lookout for online job scams. I personally feel that there aren’t that many online job scams as it used to be, but where’s an opportunity, there’s a con artist. So, you should be wary.

In this post, I go over some of the tale-tale signs of an online job scam and how you can go about avoiding them.

If you’re looking for online writing jobs, check another post I wrote: 16 Websites that Pay Beginner Writers.

Have you checked out any of the places I mentioned in this post? Have you applied to any remote jobs?

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