5 Easy Ways to Earn Daily with Swagbucks! Read E-riches Club's latest post to learn how to earn extra money online with Swagbucks.

5 Easy Ways to Earn Daily with Swagbucks!

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I signed up to Swagbucks back in June 2016 and have been in love with it ever since!  From all the digital revenue streams I have ever tried, Swagbucks is, by far, the best platform to earn extra income online.


With this particular platform, you will make money on a daily basis if you want, and there are plenty of ways to do so. From online shopping to signing up to free trials and offers, to answering polls and surveys, you have at least a dozen ways to earn extra income on Swagbucks.


Now, if you are anything like me you just want an easy and quick way to make money on the side, without having to spend money. Am I wrong? Sure, there are a lot of people who shop online all the time and would not mind doing this for some extra money. There is nothing wrong with this, and by the way, if you are one of those people all the more reason to join Swagbucks!


 5 Easy Ways to Earn Daily with Swagbucks


Usually, though, needing to make some extra money means that you don’t really have much money to waste on stuff. So online shopping is not an option! Keeping this in mind, I will show you how to earn Swagbucks (SB for short) on a daily basis without hassle or money involved!


No, you don’t need your credit card digits, and you don’t need to spend too much time on this!



Earn with Swagbucks



5 Easy Ways to Earn Daily with Swagbucks



     1. Answer the Daily Poll:


Every day, Swagbucks has a new daily poll! This is the easiest, fastest way to earn SB! They ask questions about random topics, often in keeping with what’s hot and trendy at the moment. All you have to do is click on the daily poll tab and answer the question by picking one of the answers they provide.

That’s it! That’s 1 SB in your cart!


 2. Watch on the SBTV App:


The great thing about the watch option is that they have a broad range of options for you to choose.


Wanna see what’s coming to theatres soon? Watch a series of movie trailers! Want to see funny videos of cats and other silly animals? Pick that category! You can even pick fitness videos. So for those of you who like to stay fit, you can get your body moving while watching and following fitness videos, where they teach you how to do a particular exercise.


Now, there are two ways to watch these videos. The first way is on your desktop/laptop, and the other is through the SBTV app you can download to your iPad or phone. I prefer the app because it’s convenient and it gives you extra SB for watching videos.


For instance, you will get 2 SB for watching fewer videos than you would have to on your computer. It’s also more convenient because you can have it running while you do something on your computer or take your morning coffee.


For this task, you can earn up to 10SB per day, but you also get bonus points once you reach your daily limit. I usually get about 12 SB for this, every day!

3. Swagbucks Search:


You can earn SB for doing simple searches like you would on Google. You don’t have to search for anything in particular, and you don’t even have to click on any of the linked results you get.


The only downside to this is that you don’t get rewarded for every single search. In fact, it seems to be random – you can get SB on the first search of the day, or on the last one of the way – who knows!? But there is a way to beat that! If you set Swagbucks Search as your default search engine, you will get those SB rolling into your pocket!


The earnings for searching with Swagbucks are equally random. In fact, just before starting this post I got 26 SB for my search!! That’s pretty good, but it is also the highest I have received! I usually get 9 or 11 SB for my searches.


4. Watch on the Swagbutton:


Once again you can earn SBs for watching videos. This time, though, you need to use the swagbutton on your toolbar. If you don’t know what this is, it is the little icon button on the web toolbar. Swagbucks will prompt you to get it when you sign up with them – so don’t worry, you’ll see it.


All of you have to do is click on the button and go to the tab “Watch.” You will see individual videos from different news and entertainment sources. These are very short videos, and it only takes a few minutes to reach the 100% scale – which you see just above the videos.


I usually get 3 SB to 4 SB for watching these short videos. I like checking out the animal videos, but I know many of you might prefer the celebrity ones. You can pick and choose at your will!


The great thing about this one is that it will roll over to the next day! Meaning, that if you stopped before reaching 100%, you could watch some more videos the next day, and it will start from where you left off, instead of bringing you back to 0%. This one I found out just the other day!



  5. Take Surveys with Survey App:


Just like for most other digital reward platforms, you can take surveys. This can take any time from 15 minutes to 30 minutes to complete, with payments ranging from 20 SB to 80 SB. Just to give you a better idea of what that pay rate really means is about $0.20 to $0.80 per survey.


The cool thing about this is that, for some of the surveys, you can get 1 SB for just trying the survey – meaning, even if you do not qualify to complete the survey!


Ever since I downloaded the app to my phone, I’ve been getting more surveys than when I’m on my laptop! This is because the surveys are tailored to your location! I also like this app because I can always take it on the go – one of the few benefits of phone apps and public transportation!


From this one, I’ve been getting about 20 SB per day. Now, worst case scenario, you won’t qualify for the surveys, but you will still get 1SB for each survey you try on the app! I also noticed – just now that I’m looking at it – that I get extra 10 SB for every day I complete surveys on the app! So I’m looking at least 30 SB per day from here!


Sign up for Swagbucks and earn cash back money on your online shopping!





With Swagbucks, you can also earn bonus points, in addition to the 5 ways I mentioned above:




Occasionally you will also receive notifications for finding and entering Swagcodes! These are codes for you to enter on the Swag Code tab of your dashboard and earn a designated amount of Swagbucks for it. It’s that simple! No money upfront, no more than 1 minute!


Now, you won’t have it all the time, but I believe they give one away every day, sometimes even more! What’s more! From time to time they do Swag Code marathons where they send out multiple codes throughout the day, and you can earn up to 30 SB in one day from this one feature! They just did one the other day!




There are also the occasional contests, like SWAGO, where you enter and complete the different tasks they list on the SWAGO square.


Much like those Bingo scratch tickets, you get prizes when you reach a shape, i.e. a column, box, an X, etc. The only difference is that you have a lot more control over it because whether you complete the tasks or not is up to you! For this you can earn up to 300 SB! That’s $3 worth of points, which you can redeem for an Amazon e-Gift card!


Below is a picture of the SWAGO box looks like:



How much SB do you get in a day?


Modestly, you will get at least 15 SB per day, guaranteed. However, I usually get about 30 SB per day, which reaches my first daily quota. That’s another great feature! The Daily Quota is another way to earn bonus points, but you will only collect these bonuses at the end of each month.


Now, I don’t do online shopping that often and I never sign up for trials! Yet, I consistently cash out almost every month. (Honestly, the only reason it’s ‘almost’ and not every single month, is because I get a little lazy sometimes).


Actually, let’s break that down:


  1. Daily Poll = 1 SB

  1. SBtv App = 12 SB (10 SB daily limit plus 2 SB bonus – you can get more bonus if you keep watching videos)

  1. Swagbucks Search = anywhere between 7 SB to 26 SB

  1. Watch on Swagbutton = 3 SB (or more if you keep on watching)

  1. Survey App = ~ 60 SB ( ~20 SB for completed surveys + 10 SB bonus for the day) Worst case scenario for this one is ~ 2 SB for trying about two surveys, but not qualifying.


This is a daily total of 46 SB. I believe this hits the first daily quota of 30 SB per day (although it differs every day), which will give you bonus points at the end of each month.


The beauty of it is that these are only a few very basic ways to earn SB on a daily basis, taking very little time!


I do notice that I earn a lot more on my days off than when I’m working. This is quite evident! When I’m working, I will most likely miss out on the swagcodes and the swagsearch. That being said, even on those days, I log in at the end of the day and still make at least 20 SB in total.


Now, as usual, this is my experience with Swagbucks, so please do proceed with caution and at your will. If you’d like some more in-depth information about all the different ways to make some extra money with Swagbucks, you can read this article: Ways to Earn Money Online with Swagbucks  I just read it the other day, and I think it’s a really thorough read on Swagbucks!


If you’re a big online shopper, then Swagbucks is a must to save money and get a nice PayPal deposit at the end of the month! But no worries, if you’re not big on shopping online. As you just learned here, you can still make some extra money with Swagbucks on your spare time!


Why not give it a try?! It’s free and it’s easy! Sign up for Swagbucks for your $5 bonus and start earning extra cash!




What about you?


Have you tried Swagbucks? What do you think about it and what are some of the ways you use it to earn money? Leave your experience and thoughts in the comments below.



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