8 Ways to make money online for introverts. Because being quiet and shy doesn't have to stop you from making money online!

8 Ways to Make Money Online for Introverts

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Outgoing extroverts often do well in almost any job setting, be it online or offline. They can chit-chat endlessly with everyone and anyone, even if they don’t know what they’re talking about. (Joking!)


These extrovert beings are natural sellers and can easily sell shampoo to bald people!!


Unfortunately, that’s not my case! In fact, I’m the exact opposite – I hate chit chats (mostly ‘cuz I suck at small talk) and cannot sell a thing if my life depended on it! (Funny thing is I worked as a sales associate for over 4 years!)


If you’re anything like me, working in retail selling products, or doing customer service over the phone, are jobs from your nightmares! Basically, anything that involves dealing directly with people is like death by a thousand cuts! (A little dramatic but you get it)


So, how do you make money when you’re an introvert?


Enter, the world-wide-web!! Best invention for introverts, I tell ‘ya!!


I know this sounds awful, but working online just takes the people out of the equation, making life so much sweeter! (Don’t get me wrong, I like people I just can’t spend too much time surrounded by them without feeling the life being drained out of me!)


Anyways… working from home or online is an excellent option for anyone who likes to work behind the scenes and away from the crowd and the spotlight. You can just sit at your desk and focus on your work without distractions or interactions with other people.


However, not all online work is suited for introverts like me. If you go to a job board and type “work from home”, “online work” or some variation of these terms, you will likely get a long list of remote telemarketing jobs, or customer service positions which naturally require you to be on the phone with people. This is the same for small side gigs on freelancing platforms.


Now, most introverts I know (me included) hate being on the phone! We will text, we will send pictures, we will even send long, detailed work e-mails, but we won’t call people for a simple 5-minute chat! (It’s sad, I know, but that’s us!)


So, what can you do online to make money? Well, I looked and looked and looked, tried a few things and read about others and came up with a few ideas (below) for making money online if you’re an introvert.


Are you an introvert? Would you like to make money online but are tired of customer service and phone-based jobs? In this blog I share 8 ways to make money online for introverts!




8 Easy Ways to Make Money Online for Introverts


1.Write and Self-publish E-books:


I don’t have statistics on this, but I’m pretty sure that most writers are introverts at heart!


Writing is a great way to engage your brain and travel imagined worlds without having to interact with people. Now, it does depend on the kind of writing you do, but generally speaking, writing is a loner’s dream career.


Traditional publishing can involve a lot of negotiating and going back and forth with editors and publishers, which may not be in your comfort zone. Self-publishing e-books, however, can be done from the quiet of your home without much fuss or people involved.


Amazon Kindle is a great platform, where you can publish and sell your e-books without having to negotiate with editors and publishers. Perfect for introverts!


2. Answer Surveys in Your Spare Time


As I mentioned in my last post, surveys are one of the easiest ways to make money online. It gets better – you do not need to talk or interact with another human being at all!


Answering surveys takes little time and effort from you and can easily be done in your spare time. All you need to do is sign up for a few survey panels like American Consumer Opinion or Daily Rewards, get invitations in your inbox and complete surveys.


No people, no phones, no recording necessary! Sometimes, you will get invitations for moderated forum discussions, or live conversations, but these are not only rare, they’re also optional. If you’re not comfortable, you don’t have to do it.


Want to know which survey panel I use to make extra money online? Check out my post 5 Survey Panels I Use to Make Money Online.


3. Sell Your Textbooks/Books on Amazon


Back in 2016 I set up an account with Amazon Seller Central and listed a bunch of my university textbooks up for sale. Within a month or so I was de-cluttering my bookshelves and cashing in on it!


The best part was that it was free and easy to do, and I didn’t even have to take pictures. Amazon is a well-oiled cash machine and has it all set up for you! No calling people or negotiating. It’s selling without all the stuff we introverts hate!


Textbooks aren’t the only thing you can sell on Amazon, and you can even evolve it into a full-blown business if you want to. For the beginning though, you want to start small and easy, and books are a great way to do that!


You can open a free account with Amazon Sellers Central here.


4. Get Paid to do “Stuff” Online


Nowadays, people spend most of their time online, be it on a computer or the phone. Checking up stores, searching things up, watching silly videos or playing games online. These are all things all of us do on a daily basis, at least a couple of times a day. So why not cash in on that action?


The way you can earn money by doing all these things is through digital reward platforms. There’re quite a few of them out there, but my favourite one is Swagbucks!


I’ve mentioned Swagbucks a few times here on E-riches Club, and there is a good reason for that: I use it to make money online every day!


I love browsing stuff and earning money from my searches, answering polls and sometimes even watching a few videos about fitness and upcoming movies. It’s fun, it’s easy and doesn’t take much time (although you may get lost and be on it more than you should! True Story!!)


If you want to find out a bit more about Swagbucks, I posted an article a little while ago – 5 Easy Ways to Earn Daily with Swagbucks.


If it sounds cool and you’d like to try it out, sign up for free here to get a $5 bonus.


5. Get Paid to Test Websites


Companies and entrepreneurs, big or small, all need to have an online presence with excellent user experience to succeed. Now, these companies have their tech department to fix problems and polish up their websites and apps. But, they need someone on the other side of the table – you, the user – to give them feedback on how things feel and look before they spend their millions launching the product.


That’s where platforms like UserTesting and Validately come in! They secure contracts with companies and brands and get consumers like you and me to test their websites for usability.


As a tester, you have to follow a set protocol, answer specific questions, and navigate websites, apps and other online tools and products. Some of these will be prototypes and may not be public yet. In those cases, you may have to sign an NDA agreement.


Now, this does require you to record your voice, as you have to speak your thoughts and suggestions out loud. When I mentioned this to my sister, she immediately said: “Oh, no I can’t do that!” So, depending on how much of an introvert you are, this may be a little intimidating. It was for me too, at first!


But, today I’m very happy I checked it out and applied for UserTesting. Since I started back in May 2016, it has been the most reliable, high-paying source of online income for me, to date! (I just got a payment from UserTesting, this very moment!)


There’s an application system for each of these companies, so be sure to check out their websites before you apply.


6. Sell Your Photos on Stock Photo Marketplaces


Photography is a fantastic career, but I think most photographers will tell you that dealing with clients is not a walk in the park. With stock photo marketplaces, however, you don’t have to deal with clients or anyone for that matter! It’s as easy as uploading your amazing photos and writing a beautiful description!


Better yet, with the evolution of the phone digital cameras, you don’t even need to be a pro! Your photos do need to be good enough, as some websites will have a quality screening, but your latest iPhone or Samsung Galaxy camera will do.


There are tonnes of marketplaces for stock photos, and some are better than others. I started out with 500px and loved the community engagement and ease of uploading my photos.


A word of advice: Before you sign up and upload your photos to any of these platforms, you need to read their terms and conditions! Unfortunately, I made the mistake of signing up for a stock photo website (not 500px) only to realize later, that once my photos are published with them, they become public domain and I can never take them down, even if I didn’t make any money. (Bummer!)


7. Transcribe Audio Files


When I first started working as a research assistant at my university, my supervisor put me on transcription duty. It’s a pretty common thing in research, to have to transcribe audio recordings of interviews and study sessions with participants.


I liked it because I didn’t have to interact with people – actually, I was getting paid to, literally, put on headphones and ignore my coworkers! Loved it!


Since I had about a year of experience transcribing 2-hour interviews, I decided to transfer that skill over to online freelancing work. Transcription work is probably one of the best skills to have because it makes it very easy to get work online.


The website I used the most in the beginning (and still use when I feel like doing this type of work) is SpeechPad. Like many others, they have a style guide you need to follow, and there’s also an application process.


What I do like most about this platform is that you can just log in, see the work that’s available and pick what you like; complete it and get paid. No fuss no muss!


Another platform where I got a pretty decent transcription gig was UpWork. That one was actually very interesting and paid well. I got to watch interviews for a TV show based in BC and learn a few things about the area. They also paid very well! I believe it was a little over $1 per video minute (that’s actually high pay for transcription work).


I don’t do transcription work as much anymore because I switched focus to other stuff, but I love how you can just put on the headphones and type away!


It’s simple yet challenging enough (with all the accents) to get you engaged, and you get to work from anywhere you want. You can, literally, go to the coffee shop and ignore the world around you! (An introvert’s dream job!)


8. Earn Money While You Pin Obsessively!


Last, but not least, my favourite way to make money online – pinning stuff to Pinterest! (Say what??)


There are a few different ways you can earn an income from Pinterest, but my favourite way is doing Pinterest affiliate marketing. Most other ways require you to promote your services and negotiate with clients (i.e. becoming a Pinterest consultant), but with Pinterest affiliate marketing you don’t have to deal with anyone at all!


Yep, I make money online by merely pinning things I own, like (or daydream about) to Pinterest!! Basically, I signed up for ShopStyle Collective (fashion/lifestyle affiliate network) and started pinning to my heart’s content! (Okay there’s a bit more to it, but it’s easy).


I did take a couple of online classes on Pinterest to understand better how to market there and actually earn money. For learning about Pinterest affiliate marketing, I strongly recommend taking the 5 Days to Profitable Affiliate Pinning course from Christina at OrganizeYourBiz. Christina also has a free class – Pinterest 101 – if you want to get a feel for her first.


5 Days to Profitable affiliate pinning with Christina from Organize Your Biz. Learn how you can monetize Pinterest without needing a blog!


These eight ideas are not the only ones. There are plenty more ways to make money online if you’re shy, socially anxious or just an introvert. I actually started out writing the post aiming at a little over 20 ways, but quickly realize it was going to be one of those super long posts that no one reads through the end. Plus, I like to talk (and talk and talk and talk) about my personal experience with each method. (Annoying right?)


Anyways, from self-publishing to pinning your favourite fashion looks, all these methods are great for anyone who can’t or won’t do well dealing with people.


Introvert, shy, or socially anxious, you’re probably trying to avoid being on the phone or interacting with people. All the options above have little to no contact with another human being, which is perfect for those of us who love and desperately need our alone time!


Your Turn:


My original list was quite long. Do you know other ways to make money online that are perfect for introverts? Maybe creative ways or even completely odd stuff? Let’s see it in the comments!


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