About E-riches Club

What are your biggest challenges with making money online? Lack of motivation and self-esteem? Being paralysed with all the information out there? Or maybe you want to make this work but being an introvert feels like a setback?


Help aspiring online entrepreneurs achieve their financial goals is what E-riches Club is all about! With the blogging advent, tonnes of information are flooding the internet with contradicting advice and pushy pitches to buy this product or that service to make money online. Like you, I have experienced information overload and have been sold on buying numerous products and trying countless websites promising to make me money. In the end, most were a waste of time!


Here at E-riches Club, you’ll find:


  • Resources to learn more about the different ways you can make money online;

  • Tips on how to manage anxiety and boost your motivation to keep on going with your e-riches goals;

  • The real load down on the blogging hype!


If you’re ready to push through the setbacks and information overload and get real-life insights on how to make money online, I invite you to join the club today!


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Hi! I’m Veronica and I’m super happy you’re here!



Veronica Almeida | E-riches Club Profile picture

Trying to make money online is not a new endeavour for me, it’s been an ON and OFF relationship for a few years! I had tried surveys, data entry websites and many other things, but never actually go anywhere.


Part of it was because I kept on falling for scams, part of it was because I lacked the motivation to see things through, past the hurdles. Either way, it simply didn’t work!



So, I gave up for a while…


It wasn’t until May 2016 when I received a message from a really good childhood friend from overseas, inviting me to her wedding, that I decided to give it a real shot. I was ecstatic and sad at the same time! I was so happy for her, but I knew I couldn’t come up with the money in just 5 months.



At that moment, I decided to dig deeper and find out how to make money online. Real money, in real legitimate ways.


After a lot of reading about blogging for profit, I decided to start E-riches Club! Yes, I’m not going to lie, I did start this blog as a plan to earn money! I wanted to attend my friend’s wedding and never again be in that situation where I might have to decline being there for a friend because I have no money to travel!


Well, it turns out banking on a blog to make money wasn’t my best strategy!!


I didn’t make enough money in time to attend my friend’s wedding. (Bummer) But in trying different ways to earn money online, I got something completely different out of this! What started out as an attempt to raise funds to attend a friend’s wedding overseas, became a serious long-term commitment to become financially independent!


I learned my lesson and changed my strategy. Yes, people can make money with their blogs, but E-riches Club became more of a beacon for people to learn and find resources about making a living online.


I realized that instead of making this blog my only way to earn online income I should go try out different ways other than blogging, making E-riches Club a place to share knowledge.


I’ve encountered many obstacles and have yet to achieve my potential in this journey fully, but I think it is super important to share those struggles with you! One thing I have learned is that there’s too much hype about how you can make millions online, but not enough realness about what goes on behind the scenes.


This is my vision for E-riches Club. I don’t want it to be yet another blog about blogging. I want to challenge the idea that:


  1. That you can only make real money from blogging

  2. That you need a lot of money to make money from blogging or any online venture;


Here, I will share different ways to earn online, but more importantly, I will share my ups and downs, lessons learned and mistakes made.


So, if you’d like to join me on my journey and find out more about the different ways to earn online without necessarily starting a blog or spending too much money, then join the club!


Sign-up for the E-riches Club's newsletter to get access to insider's tips  and resources, freebies, discount codes and other special member goodies about making money online.