E-riches Income Report : January 2018

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Welcome to my January Income Report for 2018! Here I will share with you how much money I earned this month through all of my online efforts (not just blogging). You’ll see a breakdown of the many different resources I use to make money online and how much I made from each of them.


This is my third income report published since I first started blogging back in May 2017, but it is my first monthly income report – the other two were annual reports for 2016 and 2017. Check them out below:



Why share Income Reports?


Reading income reports from successful bloggers has always been inspiring to me, but I have struggled with the idea of publishing my own reports for quite a while. In my last report – E-riches Income Report: 2017 in Review – I go a little in depth on why I struggled with the idea.


Ultimately, I decided to share my income reports for a few simple reasons:


  • Inspiration – as my reported numbers become more appealing over time, I hope it can inspire you – online entrepreneurs – to take action and finally do something about all those ideas you wrote down on paper;

  • Provide Resources – as I list all my profitable resources in my income reports, I hope to give you an idea of the platforms that can help you generate income online;

  • Transparency – so that you see that generating income online is not an overnight success thing, nor is it a scam! I hope with my income reports you can make informed decisions on which platforms are worth it for you and which aren’t (even if I recommend them because they work for me)

  • Accountability – this is more of a personal reason. I noticed last year, that because I didn’t have to share my online income at the end of each month, it was easier for me to fall off the wagon and let life get in the way. There were months I barely made any money online because I didn’t put in the effort and got distracted by other stuff. This year, I plan on using my income reports as an accountability measure to keep me on track.


If you happen to have a blog or another online business of some kind, I encourage you to share your income reports. Obviously, you don’t have to share it with the whole world (it can be intimidating to do that), but you can always grab a friend and commit to reporting to her/him how much you made at the end of every month.


Now, without further ado, let’s dive into this month’s income report!


E-riches Club Income Report for January 2018: This month I share how much extra money I made online and which resources and websites I used to earn online.

My Online Income Report for January 2018


I noticed many bloggers show their earnings, rather than their paid income for the month. There’s nothing wrong with that, but I find it can make it hard for people to discern how much of that is actually in the bank accounts for that month, and how much is pending earnings.


I decided to include only paid income, rather than total earnings. I find it to be both easier to track and share and more clear for you to understand. That being said, this method of displaying income definitely makes it look less glamorous because it will automatically reduce my reported numbers for the moth. (Side note: don’t do this if you want to impress people! It’s not a very good sales strategy!)


Paid Income:


UserTesting = $62

Fiverr = $28.16

MobileXpression = $15 e-gift card for Amazon.ca


For a total of $105.16 (CAD).


Pending Earnings:


Although I only received a little over $100 in online income, I do have pending earnings of around $88.96 in addition to my paid income for January.


My pending earnings are scattered between survey panels, Swagbucks and ShopStyle Collective (which I use to monetize Pinterest).


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January in review:


While this month I feel I did a better job at publishing on the blog more consistently, I still struggle to manage both the blog, other online side hustles and my part-time job as a research assistant/lab technician. This month I picked up more shifts at the lab, and as a result, I haven’t been able to focus on immediate income side hustles.


This month’s income is good enough for me to pay my credit card bill, but it is a little below my average monthly online income (based on my 2017’s income report). Going forward I hope to increase my monthly paid income from all my online efforts. I think one way of doing that is to be more consistent with surveys – this month I skipped a lot of surveys because I was just too tired from work.


I also started promoting the Work-at-Home Summit (which ends tomorrow) this month. I’m really excited about it from both a learning perspective and an affiliate income perspective. The summit is free and sells itself, so I’ve managed to get some leads in which is very exciting for me. Maybe I’ll be able to report some affiliate income in the next report?! Who knows! That would be awesome though!


Here’s the post I wrote about the Work-at-Home Summit:


If you didn’t know about the summit and would like to check it out, you can still sign up and then catch up on all the great lessons until February 5th, 2018 – that’s when all the videos will do down! With all the work this week, I’m trying to catch up too! Get free access to the summit here!

E-riches Club Income Report for January 2018: This month I share how much extra money I made online and which resources and websites I used to earn online.


So, there you go! That was my little income report for January. Did you expect more? Yeah, I get it. With all the dreamy numbers you see on most income reports I would be disappointed too. But I’d like to remind you that those super successful bloggers all started pretty small and they didn’t make thousands right away. In fact, most of them didn’t make a cent in their first year blogging.


This is precisely why I decided to put my anxiety and embarrassment aside and share my not-so-glamorous income reports every month! There’s too much hype about the thousands of dollars you can make blogging and online, but not enough honesty about how long it takes to get to that point and how hard it is to make it work!


The lesson here: Let my income reports be a reality check and make decisions based on reality, not sales pages!


Your turn:

Do you have a blog, an online business or do some micro-stuff on the side for some extra money? How is that working for you? Let me know in the comments.



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