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Guest Post for E-riches Club


Thank you for your interest in guest posting here at E-riches Club!

I strive to help aspiring entrepreneurs who want to make money online and become financially independent – be it through making a little extra cash online, freelancing as a side hustle or starting and building an online business. 

I have been doing this for a few years now and have a handful of personal experiences to share, but I cannot possibly cover the endless possibility of the online world!

That’s where you come in! Share what you know about making money online in your own niche. Help others build their own spot online and make money doing it.

What’s in it for you? I’m glad you asked!

Benefits of Guest Posting

  • Get Exposure

    When you guest post for E-riches Club, your post will be shared to all my social media platforms and will be viewed by anyone who visits the website too! Your brand name will be out there and people are more likely to discover you and your online business/services.

  • More Traffic

    I will display your social media handles and website address along with your guest post. This means you will get traffic to your website and social pages!

  • Promote a Product

    Use this opportunity to promote one of your products (related to the topic of the post), or share an upcoming event you're putting together.

Topics of Interest

Here’s a list of topics I’m accepting:

  • Legitimate online side hustles for extra money
  • Online business ideas (all niches welcome)
  • Mindset and productivity for online entrepreneurs
  • Inspirational posts for Online Entrepreneurs
  • Content Marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • SEO
  • Pinterest Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Case study/stories of how you achieved your financial and/or business goals online

Content Requirements

  • Original and plagiarism-free content. Do not submit duplicate content from your blog/website or other websites, even if it is your content;
  • Minimum 600 words
  • Well written, edited and proofread article.
  • No spammy content, fluff or otherwise bogus content.
  • Fact check your content and include your references (no affiliate links)

Links within the post:

  • 1 link to your blog/website only;
  • 1 link to your most prominent social media handle.
  • No affiliate links allowed!!
  • 1 link to a freebie/product if you have one (if relevant to the post content)

Bio Requirement:

With your submission, please send along a short (150-200 word) bio with 1 link to your website and 1 social media handle. 

Bios should include:

  • Your First and Last name
  • Your website/blog/business name (if applicable)
  • A little blurb about yourself and your online journey;
  • 1 URL address to your website/blog
  • Social media handles.

Editorial Disclaimer

Acceptance/Rejection policy: I do reserve the right to reject a guest post at any time of the submission and revision process, for a variety of reasons (branding, professional, personal, etc.) I will try my best not to leave you hanging wondering where it went wrong, though. 

Final Edits: For both quality, clarity and in keeping with branding standards I may make final edits to guest posts (i.e. add, delete, rearrange, include my links, etc.)  Please do not take it personally.

Sharing Policy: You are welcome and encouraged to share your published guest post with your list and followers. However, please do not copy/republish the post on your or any website. You will always get full credit for the post with a link to your website, but once it is published here on E-riches Club, it falls under E-riches Club copyrights.

If you haven’t done so yet, please take a look at some of my own posts for a better idea of the tone of E-riches Club (see below). 

I do want to hear your voice, your perspective and your experience. So, no need to mimic my style, just keep in mind the general premise of this blog – helpful, real, no fluff tips and resources about earning money online that goes beyond the blogging hype.

Still with me? 

Here’s where you should send your pitch/post/inquiry: [email protected] 

I’m a real person and am terrified of offending people! (Haha) So, don’t worry I won’t bite. Super introverts are also very welcome!!

Oh, almost forgot!

When submitting a post, please send it as a Word doc. You can either send as an attachment or through google docs or even Dropbox. 

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