Inside Scoop: Giveaway Contest! Enter for a chance to win lifetime VIP access to Christina's courses, masterclasses and coaching program. Also get a 1 Year FREE membership to Tailwind PRO

Inside Scoop: Giveaway Contest!

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I know it’s been a while since my last post – which you can read it here – but I have been focusing on networking and getting myself out there lately. It turns out that networking is a major player in getting traffic (“urgh” says the introvert in me!).


Anyways, through my networking, I got to connect and create relationships with some other bloggers and online entrepreneurs, which has been quite insightful I must say! Here’s a tip for you: Network!


So, I got the inside scoop on something really cool! Drumroll, please… A giveaway contest Christina Root is offering right now on her website Organize Your Biz.


I got her e-mail yesterday letting me know about it, and she mentioned she hasn’t publicized it much yet! Hence, the title “Inside Scoop” (in case it wasn’t obvious).


I guess these are the perks of networking, people! You get to be one of the first to know about stuff and get a head start on it!


So, of course, I have to deliver! First thing I did was post it up on the E-riches Club Facebook Page, then I created the pin you see below and shared on the E-riches Pinterest!


Then I thought…Why not create a quick post?! So, today, I’m racing through this post so I can get it out and published for you to see! (Does it feel like I’m racing?)




Anyhow, let’s get to business! What’s the what, who, where, when and why of this? Okay, here we go!




This is a Giveaway Contest full of jam-packed goodies for you to win! I’ll give you more details on what’s inside in just a few minutes!




This giveaway contest is being offered by Christina Root, owner and creator of OrganizeYour.Biz! (Hint: Make sure to remember this, you’ll need it!)


If you have checked my Resources Page, you know that I have taken a course from her on how to make money with Pinterest. I took the 5 Days to Profitable Affiliate Pinning course, which is a great intro course to anyone who would like to make some money on Pinterest without needing a blog! If this sounds like something you’d like to try, here’s my affiliate link for the course.




In just a few minutes I’m going to give you a rundown of what Christina is offering in this contest, but if you’re really impatient or tight on time, you can check out the contest page here.




The contest closes October 15, 2017!


The contest page is already live, but Christina hasn’t publicized it much yet! So, you actually get a head start on this just because you’re my amazing reader! (See, there’re some perks to reading my blog! *wink*)


Take advantage of this inside scoop and go enter the contest now!




Now we get to the meat of it all!


Why is this contest something you don’t want to miss? I’ll tell you right now: because you can make money!!


If you’re one of the 3 super lucky winners, you get to have a lifetime VIP access to a jam-packed membership where you’ll learn how to earn an income online!


Christina has a couple of masterclasses and a few courses that teach you how to generate e-riches, and she is giving them all away for free to 3 lucky winners!!


Is it going to be you? Enter here, and you’ll found out!


Here’s what you can win:


  • A membership to her VIP Group Coaching Program!

    • You get monthly coaching calls directly with Christina!

  • Lifetime membership to her course Pinning Your Way to Success!

    • You’ll learn how to make money with Pinterest without a blog! Really, you DO NOT NEED A BLOG!

  • Lifetime access to her other masterclass, How to Make Money on Pinterest in 1 Hour a Day!

    • Yes! With Pinterest and Christina’s expertise, this is totally possible!

  • BONUS: 1 Year of FREE membership to Tailwind PRO!!


There it is!


Five AMAZING goodies that can change your life forever! It takes just a few minutes to head over to the Giveaway Contest Page, answer a quick question and submit enter. A couple of minutes and no money in!


A bit more about Organize Your Biz:


What I really love about Christina is that she is teaching people to earn an income that is not tied to a blog!!!


I’ve expressed my sentiments about blogging before – I like blogging, but it is hard and requires money, time and patience! Christina has the same views about blogging, and that’s why I feel it’s almost my responsibility to share her programs and this contest with you.


Blogging is NOT a requirement for you to fully benefit from the classes and courses Christina offers! So, if you don’t have a blog at all but still want to make a living online, this is perfect for you!


Okay! I don’t want to sound like a sales pitch, so I’ll just leave you with this – Enter the Giveaway Contest for a chance to win all of those goodies! It costs nothing, and only takes a couple of minutes!


If you want to know more about Christina, her business Organize Your Biz, and the courses she offers, check these out:



Remember, the giveaway contest is live and ends October 15, 2017! Three people will be lucky enough to win lifetime access to Christina’s coaching program, her private Facebook groups (networking remember?), two of her masterclasses on making money with Pinterest, and her amazing e-course Pinning Your Way to Success. If you win, you’ll also get one free year to Tailwind’s PRO membership!


If you don’t know yet, Tailwind is my favourite scheduler for pinning to Pinterest. I use it for both this blog and my own lifestyle Pinterest account. I cannot stress enough how much time Tailwind has saved me with my Pinterest and how useful their analytics are!


If you’d like to check out Tailwind, try it out for free here! You get to pin up to 100 pins for free; then you can decide for yourself. But, hey! If you’re one of the contest lucky winners, you get it the PRO version for free for a whole year!


Enter the contest here for a chance to win lifetime access to jam-packed programs on how to make money without a blog plus the Tailwind PRO membership for a year!


Good Luck!



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  1. Great giveaway. Sounds like an amazing resource for bloggers! Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Hi! This sounds so cool! I am also an introvert that is struggling with networking. I’m going to look more into this contest because I can use the coaching.

    1. Hi Kendra,
      Networking can be a bit tough for introverts like us, but it is super valuable!
      Christina – the coach – is very approachable, so definitely a plus in coaching!

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