Inspirational Quotes for Entrepreneurs

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Starting a business online is no easy feat! Sometimes it’s easy to lose track of our goals and the big picture amid all the learning curves and pitfalls.

As an entrepreneur – online or not – you’re more than familiar with failure, despair and overwhelm.

You start an online shop only to see the sales flatlining on zero for months!

Maybe you came up with a sick concept for an app, spent hundreds of dollars developing it only to meet rejection after rejection from iTunes or Google Play and have no way of distribution.

Or you started a blog, worked hard on the branding and content but are completely stuck on the technical parts of blogging – nothing seems to work the way you want!

Ring a bell?

You don’t even need to be an entrepreneur honestly! We all hit the wall sometimes. We’re only human, after all! (I think this is a song?)

I’ve been meaning to do a post like this for quite some time, but always end up postponing it.

This time I’m doing this!

So, I took to Google and Pinterest. Collected a whole bunch of quotes from famous and not-to-so-famous people and put it all together in this post. Hopefully, it will inspire you too!

Write these for every Monday of your calendar planner.

Write it up on your wall inspiration board at home.

Pin your favourite quotes to your inspiration board on Pinterest. You can pin it directly from my quotes board too!

Whatever you choose, keep these quotes nearby for when you need it most!

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Quotes for the Hesitant Perfectionists:

Some of us get trapped in the perfection slump. Well, that’s the bane of all entrepreneurs and we want to get rid of all that hesitation, right?

Here are some quotes that may inspire you to just get it done!

We ARE Entrepreneurs:

These quotes illustrate the specific and unique hurdles many entrepreneurs go through in trying to achieve our goals and dreams.

When You Feel Like Quitting:

I cannot tell you how many times I have felt like just saying F this and throw it all away. More times than I care to admit, in fact.

Before you make that kind of decision take an infusion of motivation with these quotes.

So, tell me… are you still gonna quit?

Deep Thought Quotes:

Sometimes we just need to really sit with ourselves and dig deep.

Those Quotes that Just Hit Home:

Maybe this is more for me, but these quotes kinda hit home…

Just for Fun Quotes:

And then other times, you just need to let it loose and have some fun!

One Step at a Time:

It’s not always about getting there faster and before everyone else. Sometimes, all you need to get there and take one step at a time.

Keep it simple, make it happen!

Always Keep in Mind…

Keep this in mind….

Keep it Moving!

The world takes unexpected turns once in a while and it’s natural to get discouraged. However, we need to understand that the only constant in life is change!

There’s another quote I find particularly meaningful for humankind — this actually a verse from a poem I first heard in the movie G.I. Jane (one of the hallmark movies of my childhood).

I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself. A small bird will drop dead from a bough without ever having felt sorry for itself.

D. H. Lawrence

This quote illustrates the unique human tendency for self-pity and discouragement from one’s own goals and dreams.

It’s important to recognize our frustrations, but don’t let them trap you in self-pity.


What about you, do you have a quote that keeps you inspired? Tell me in the comments below.

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