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    2020 Update: Work Your Way Free Summit

    Build Confidence, Plan and Take Action with the Work-At-Home Free Summit!

    Most of us dream of breaking away from our 9-5 jobs and start our own business or side hustle from home. But while dreaming is great, tacking action is better!  

    The problem is that most of us don’t know how to make it happen – how to make a living working from home and how to build our dream lifestyle! I mean, if most of us did know how to do it, then most of us would be doing it, right? But making good money from home or online is still reserved for a few “gurus”. 

    Starting out, it can be overwhelming and exhausting. You know it can be done, but you don’t know where to start, right? 

    They say, start a blog – you go do it and nothing happens.  

    They say, sell something online – you put stuff up to sell but it barely brings enough money to pay the bills.  

    Sound familiar? 

    I remember when I first started looking for ways to make money online a few years back. I tried a bunch of pay per click programs and tons of survey platforms, but nothing worked.  

    I gave up on the dream and went on with my life. 

    In 2016, I decided to get back on the horse. This time around I was able to find a handful of legitimate survey panels and a few freelancing platforms that actually pay me monthly. 

    Still, back then I wished there was a platform where you could get all of your information on working from home and making money online – sort of a school to learn different ways to earn a living with side hustles.  

    Back then, there was nothing, but today there is! Earlier this year Caitlin Pyle from decided to make a change in the work-from-home industry! 

    Caitlin created a whole school for anyone who wants to learn how to take their skills and interests and turn them into a profitable side business that they can operate from anywhere in the world! 

    Having built her own money-making business from a simple skill – proofreading court transcripts – Caitlin knows what it takes to build a business from the ground up and make it successful.  

    She carefully selected successful entrepreneurs in various industries and invited them to become instructors for the Work-At-Home School.  

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    Now, I know what you’re thinking – ‘What’s the price tag?” 

    You’re right, there is a price tag to the Work-At-Home School, but honestly, I think Caitlin would crazy is there wasn’t! She practically offers a full degree in the subject and gives you access to top-dollar entrepreneurs! 

    But there’s a way you can dip your toes in the water for free because Caitlin went all out and created the Work-At-Home Summit! Where you can learn about legitimate ways to make money from home and put your skills into action for free! 

    Here are some details about the Work-At-Home Summit and how you can get a free lifetime access ticket to it! 

    Work-At-Home Summit

    What is the Work-At-Home Summit? 

    The Work-At-Home Summit is meant to get you from an idea to a plan, to action!  

    You learn about different ways to make money from home from people who are actually doing it for a living (no fluff here) and then you learn how to put that knowledge and your skills into action! 

    The Work-At-Home Summit features over 40 successful and established speakers who are making a living from their online and home businesses.  

    More by Caitlin Pyle: Proofread Anywhere – General Proofreading Theory and Practice

    Who is the Work-At-Home Summit for? 

    Someone who is not looking for quick-money scams and who truly wants to build a financially-independent and successful lifestyle! 

    The Work-At-Home Summit is not about earning a little extra pocket money here and there. On the contrary! It’s about learning how to turn interests and skills into profitable businesses and money-making side hustles! 

    Throughout the summit, Caitlin mentions something that I think really sums everything up quite well and is so very true – it’s about skills-based entrepreneurship geared to help solve people’s problems! 

    So, if you just want quick-easy-sleazy money then this is not for you! In fact, I’d say my own content is not for you!  

    If you just want easy spare-time pocket change – which is totally fine – then you may be wasting your time learning specific business-building strategies.  

    However, if building your dream lifestyle, becoming financially free and having your own business or side hustle is what you are looking for, the Work-At-Home Summit is definitely what you need to make it happen! 

    Who are the Work-At-Home Summit Contributors? 

    There are over 40 experts you can learn from in the summit, who are also instructors in the Work-At-Home School.  

    Here’s a list of some of the experts you’ll have access to: 

    • Rosemarie Groner ( teaching about budgeting for your work-at-home ventures. 
    • Emma Bates ( who will teach you how to create and use a simplified business plan 
    • Sagan Morrow who will give you action steps to get focused and organized to run your work-at-home business. 
    • Gina Horkey ( Gina is teaching how to turn your skills into a profitable virtual assistant business. 
    • Michelle Gardner from I’m sure you’ve heard me talking about her a lot because I’m a student of her Affiliate Marketing Course
    • Kate Ahl from – definitely take her session if you want to learn all about making money with Pinterest! I got a lot of pro tips from her summit class.  
    • Cloris Kylie who gives your insanely helpful insights about how to connect with and build lasting relationships with influencers. 

    What Can You Expect from the Work-At-Home Summit? 

    With this summit, you can expect to build your confidence and start a plan for action. You can expect to learn about different side hustle ideas and how to use a business plan to make it happen and much more. 

    The Work-At-Home Summit is divided into 3 parts: 

    • Planning,
    • Building, and
    • Thriving.

    It takes you from finding the right place to start cultivating confidence to staying focused and keeping productivity up in your side hustle, to marketing your skills and your business to thrive as an online entrepreneur. 

    Get Free eBook: Work At Home by Caitlin Pyle

    Here’s a list of what you will get from the Summit: 

    • Build your confidence with Eileen Wilder; 
    • Know if starting a business is right for you, with Monica Froese; 
    • Learn how to find, budget for and pursue Work-At-Home jobs, with Rosemarie Groner; 
    • How to use a business plan, with Emma Bates; 
    • How you can make a living as a virtual assistant, with Gina Horkey; 
    • How to write an e-book, self publish and do book marketing, with Lise Cartwright, Alinka Rutkowska; 
    • How to sell on Amazon and run an e-commerce business, with Jamie Davidson; 
    • How to plan, build and launch a membership site in 90 days, with Jonathan Milligan; 
    • How to market and advertise on Facebook, with Monica Louie, Matt Astifan; 
    • Lots of freebies, action sheets and extras from both Caitlin and the contributors in addition to the video content! 

    What’s the Catch? 

    No catch! 

    The Work-At-Home Summit is free whether you enroll in the Work-At-School or not! You’ll keep your free lifetime access no matter what!  

    No credit cards, no trial version, no strings attached! 

    Simply sign up for the free Work-At-Home Summit here, get access and learn what real people do to earn real money working at home! 

    You know, I recently posted a directory-like post about summits, conferences and other events happening during this last stretch of the year. All of them are about learning how to start or build your own money-making venture, but most of them were either in-person conferences or had a steep ticket price attached! 

    The Work-At-Home Summit, however, is a lifetime access free ticket to over 45 experts and it’s from the comfort of your home! 

    I’d jump on that right away! In fact, I did exactly that! 

    I watched some of the webinars back in January when the summit was a 6-day limited time offer. I registered again now to get lifetime access! 

    So, tell me? 

    Are you going to take action? Are you going to make a change now? 

    Or will you keep on dreaming? 

    Work-at-Home Free Summit -- access interviews and expert tips from over 40 leading online entrepreneurs

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