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Resources & Tools  



A collection of tools and resources to help you start and grow your online ventures. This collection features tools and resources that I personally recommend, either because I use them myself, have tested them or done research on them and am confident in recommending them.

Here, you will see many tools and resources, from online courses, to eBooks, to plugins, themes, website hosting and email marketing tools. You do not need all of the tools I share, but many of them will be quite valuable for you, depending on your online side hustle or business.

Full disclosure: I am an affiliate for most of the resources, online courses and tools I mention on this page. This means I may receive a commission, be it in credits or actual pay, if you purchase through my links on this page. As always, I recommend what I use and/or trust.

When going through these resources keep in mind where you are at in your business – are you a beginner, just setting up or are you looking to grow your established online business? The resources I share here have varying values for different stages and levels of expertise. I encourage you assess your needs before buying anything. Many of these tools have free trials or free versions, which is great for seeing things for yourself and making better decisions based on tested value.

Website Tools

Siteground Square Image


Siteground is my current host for this website. If you're just starting out with 1 website, they have a super affordable plan for that too! Click the button below to see their plans.

Resources & Tools  


Bluehost is probably the most affordable hosting service and best for beginner websites. During my time with bluehost I had nothing but great experience with their customer service.

namecheap Logo


Namecheap is where you can find, buy and register your website domain. It's the cheapest platform to register domains and I was really impressed how user friendly and intuitive it is to use.

studiopress logo


StudioPress has an array of high-performing, quality themes for WordPress websites, including Genesis Framework and themes.

Shopify square logo


Start an online store with Shopify. Perfect for e-commerce businesses - dropshipping, physical products, digital products - start your online shop today!

spreadshop logo


Want to start a t-shirt shop online without investing upfront? Then, you should check out Spreadshop! It's free and easy to start with - just bring over your t-shirt designs and plug and play!

Elementor logo - pink colour


Elementor is my favourite page builder plugin for WordPress! With this plugin you can take your theme to new levels by customizing almost every inch of your website.

Books & Guides

mokup table screen reads Affiliate marketing stretegy book

Affiliate Marketing Book

If you're starting our with your blog and want to learn the basics of affiliate marketing this is a great affordable resource to start out with.

book cover, reads pricing your productd like a marketer

Pricing Like a Marketer

Learn the secret sauce to pricing your products and services so people actually respect and want to buy them!

blog growth book banner

Blog Growth Cookbook

This easy-to-follow ebook shows you 208 strategies for more traffic and sales. Best for mom bloggers.

Blog by Number book cover in peach colour by Suzi Whitford

Blog by Number eBook

Learn how to start and run your blog. If you can't afford the course, this $18 ebook is a great start for mom bloggers.

mac desktop screen with text "HerPaperRoute" "SEO Made Simple"

Traffic on Autopilot Book

The essential SEO and automation guide you need to train your website to run your business for you.

Blog by number email bundle book cover in gray

Email Bundle eBook

All 79 email Suzi wrote to explode her blog to $17K/month. Get her templates and strategies.

The income journey book cover in blue. Text: The Guide, 70 brutally honest and actionable tips that grew my blog to a full-time income by Suzi Whitford

The Guide

70 brutally honest and actionable tips that grew Suzi's blog to a full-time income. Learn what your can do make it happen for you too.

graphic of two pages. cover page reads A year worth of Newsletter ideas, how to nurture your list

Newsletter Ideas Guide

An entire year of newsletter ideas to grow your traffic and sales. Nurture your list all year round.

Income Journey eBook cover in blue with text: Income Journey, How I grew my blog from $0 to $17,000 per month in a year

Income Journey eBook

Learn how Suzi made $53K in her first year blogging. She includes month-by-month details of what she did to grow her email list and blog income.

Online Courses

Mac desktop computer screen with text: "HerPaperRoute" and "The blog monetization course" money bill on right bottom corner folded into paper airplane

Blog Monetization Course

Have a blog but don't know how to monetize it? Take HerPaperRoute's Blog Monetization Course and you'll be making money blogging in no time!

Making Sense of Affiliate Pinterest Image

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing Course

Learn how to use affiliate marketing to make money online and become financially independent.

The SavvySystem for virtual assistants

Savvy System

Start your virtual assistant business with the Savvy System - a complete course that teaches you how to start and build a business as a virtual assistant.

PixiStock Convert with Canva Square Promo image

Convert with Canva

Learn how to design high-converting graphics with Canva that will increase your leads and sales wherever you share them.

Blog by number course from start a mom blog

Blog By Number

The perfect course for moms who want to start a blog, find their perfect blog idea, get step by step help with the technical parts, learn how to get traffic and how to make money with their blog.

Pinterest Marketing Course

Pinterest Marketing Course

Learn the process of setting up your pins for success with professional Pinterest marketing SEO techniques in this comprehensive Pinterest marketing course.

flat lay image with assorted influencer and blogging items on fabric

General Proofreading Course

Learn the skills you need to start your freelance proofreading hustle for consistent side income!

mom working on computer, baby sleeps, title: earn a living during naptime, work-at-home school

WAH School

Pay off your debt faster by building your skills with the Work-at-Home School -- a leading online school where you can learn how to start your online business and become financially independent.

pin graphic. Desk with keyboard and assorted office items. Text: The blog-to-biz roadmap, blogg boss, enrollment now open by HerPaperRoute

Blog Boss Course

Learn how to turn your brand new blog to a successful money making blog and achieve your goals of becoming a full-time pro-blogger!

Computer with pink styled message: Printables by Number computer mockup image. Text on pink screen colour: Printables by Number, create printables to grow your list and income.

Printables by Number

Learn how to create printables that convert, grow your list and boost your income.

laptop screen with text Paid by Pinterest in black and yellow, course description: how to make your first affiliate sale in 24hours, triple your traffic in a month and double your email list on Pinterest

Paid by Pinterest

Learn how to monetize your Pinterest addiction and start your journey to financial independence.

flat lay image with assorted influencer and blogging items on fabric

$10K in 10 minutes

Get the strategies Suzi put into place to make $10K in 10 minutes. Best for people with a digital product to sell.

flat lay image with assorted influencer and blogging items on fabric

Blog Flipping Masterclass

Learn to flip blogs for a profit and start your new highly profitable online business.

Mac desktop computer screen with text "How to use PicMonkey as a mom blogger" on orange background

PicMonkey Course

How to use PicMonkey as a mom blogger. Grow your traffic with beautiful images created in PicMonkey.

graphic: computer mockup with pages and labels. Text: Post by number, how to write amazing blog posts, checklists and templates and keyword research

Post by Number

How to write amazing blog posts that convert. Get checklists, templates and learn keyword searching as well. All for under 10 bucks.

flat lay image with assorted influencer and blogging items on fabric

Amazon Affiliates Course

Want to become an Amazon affiliate and start monetizing this giant? Learn how to do just that with this course.

pin graphic with pencil case, pencils, keychains, lipstick and assorted items. Text: How I make $30,000 in one year selling a $25 dollar ebook

$30K eBook Training

A video-based training on how Elise promoted her eBook and made $30K in one year.

flat lay image with assorted influencer and blogging items on fabric

Email Marketing Course

Learn the marketing strategies you need to build your list and monetize it.

mac desktop computer mockup. Text: Course by Number on green background, create and launch a successful online course

Course by Number

How to create, launch and make consistent income with your online course.

assorted office desk items with text : "$10K in 2 Days", course description "How I Launched My Course Stress-Free and Made $10K in 2 days", black CTA button to enroll in course for $25

$10K in 2 Days

A video-based training on how Elise launched her course stress free and made $10K in just 2 days.

Theme by Number computer mockup image. Text: how to design a professional blog with Divi

Theme by Number

Learn how to create a powerful and beautiful blog using Divi theme from Elegant Themes.