5 Survey Panels I use Make Money Online

The 5 Survey Panels I Use to Make Extra Money Online

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Survey panels are probably one of the first results that pop up when you Google ways to make money online. Completing research surveys is easy and doesn’t take too much time, so it is easy to see why it is one of the most common ways to earn extra income online.


Answering surveys doesn’t require any specialized or technical skills, and it usually only takes a few minutes. It is an easy way to earn pocket money without committing too much time and effort to it.


I have mentioned answering surveys for extra money a few times here on E-riches Club, and there’s a good reason for that. Answering surveys is possibly the easiest way to earn extra income online.


Unfortunately, it is all too easy to sign up to the wrong survey panels. There are some panels out there are just not worth your time and effort at all. It isn’t always easy to see figure out which ones are legitimate or worth your time, but hopefully, this list can at the very least stir you in the right direction.


The survey websites that I will mention in just a moment are all panels that I use personally to make extra cash every single month.


I will be very clear here: while answering surveys is super easy and require little time commitment, it will not make you tonnes of money. I know making $35 to $45 an hour is something often promised, but that is simply not true.


Unlike what most sales pages make it sound like, you can’t just multiply the number of surveys you can answer by a dollar amount and assume that’s what you’ll make every day.


In truth, there are a couple of things about survey panels that you need to be aware of:


1. You will not get an indefinite number of surveys on your dashboard for you to pick and answer every day. Instead, the panels will likely send you one of two surveys per day, if that.


2. The time commitment varies per survey, which sometimes reflects the payments (but this depends on the panel). Some surveys can take only 5 to 10 minutes and pay you near a dollar, others, however, may take around 30 minutes and yet still pay less than five dollars.


3. You will only get paid for surveys you fully qualify for, and there will be tonnes of surveys you will not qualify for. There are have been days when I qualify for every single survey I get, other days I qualify for none at all. It varies.


4. Many work on a points system that often does not convert on a 1:1 ratio. Some survey panels pay you in cash, and those are the best ones. But sometimes, some panels will instead give you digital rewards in the form of points. When this is the case, it is often not a one-for-one thing, meaning that 100 points do not equal $100 – it may be $10 or even $1 only. This doesn’t necessarily mean they’re a scam, although that is undoubtedly one of the first things you should watch out for.


Now that I’ve bored you and killed all the excitement (sorry?),  let’s get to the list of survey panels that gets me real cash!



5 Survey Sites I use to Make Money Online


My Top 5 Survey Panels to Make Money


1. Opinion Outpost


Opinion Outpost is by far my highest paying survey panel! Ironically, it works on a point system (which is usually a bit of a red flag), but it pays well and is quite reliable.


Wanna know a silly thing though? I signed up for Opinion Outpost a few years ago but have never paid much attention to it. Because of their point system and perhaps also due to being scammed far too many times by these things, I merely assumed it wasn’t worth it. What I didn’t realize is that when they say 30 points, it actually equals $3.


Over the years I stupidly passed on so many surveys paying $6 to $8 per survey thinking it would be just pennies. Pretty dumb, right?


It wasn’t until last year when I went back to all the survey panels I had signed up to and started taking it all very seriously, that I realized that I had 100 something points and that I could redeem. When I clicked (honestly thinking it wouldn’t go anywhere), I got a confirmation of PayPal cash amount of $10.


My jaw fell off, and I almost hit myself for being so dumb for all those years!


The other thing I really like about Opinion Outpost is that their surveys are pretty frequent. I receive about 2 or 3 almost every day, each paying between 50 cents to $7.


I’m kinda lazy when it comes to answering surveys, I must admit. I often pass on a few of them just because I don’t feel like doing it. With all my dumb laziness though, I usually get at least $10 per month. There have been some months when I got paid twice by Opinion Outpost, well over $10 each time.


You can sign up for Opinion Outpost here, to start making some extra cash.


2. Daily Rewards


So, DailyRewards is not exactly a survey panel, but more like a digital rewards platform much like Swagbucks. However, this one works in cash, not reward points, which is a very good thing here!


But why do I include it here, if it’s not a survey panel?


Well, despite all the other things you can do at Daily Rewards to earn some money, I really only use this platform for two things, and two things only:

a) cash e-mails and

b) surveys.


I get a couple of cents for opening e-mails with an advertisement pretty much every day. It’s not much, but it accumulates pretty fast.


But the best part of Daily Rewards is the survey section. They have pretty good surveys from all these different panels, including my favourite one – Peanut Labs.


The survey section is super intuitive, and I get lots of surveys every day, plus at least $5 worth of surveys from Peanut Labs. All I need is the patience and a little time to devote to it.


The payout is at $30, which I reach every other month (because I’m lazy). What’s super great is that they give you a little bonus of $2 or so for cashing out that prize, which goes towards your next $30 payout.


Aside from the surveys and the cash e-mails, you can also make money through cashback and by signing up to offers. I don’t do these because I’ve learned the hard way that is very easy to accumulate accounts, lose track of it and pay the price (literally) for all those random accounts.


Signing up for Daily Rewards is super easy, and you can do it here.


3. Swagbucks


If I included Daily Rewards, obviously I need also to mention Swagbucks! As you may know from my post 5 Easy Ways to Earn Daily with Swagbucks, it’s pretty easy to make money with Swagbucks.


Unlike Daily Rewards, however, Swagbucks deals in a points system, which made me reluctant in the beginning.


The worry quickly went away as I saw my points increasing fairly easy every day, had some fun with it and then cashed in on the second month of using it!


There are tonnes of different ways to make money with Swagbucks: from watching funny videos to answering surveys and polls and signing up for cool offers. But, the best way is to earn cash back from online purchases.


Granted, technically you’re not making that money, you’re getting it back from the original price you would have otherwise paid in full. That being said, it goes towards a payout at the end of the month, which you can set aside and really benefit from it.


Swagbucks has an extensive selection of retailers, so you’ll surely find some of your favourite retailers there.


To sign up for Swagbucks and start having some fun with cashback, go here.


4. Survey Lion


Survey Lion is yet another panel I’ve been with for a few years. Much like with Opinion Outpost, I kinda dismissed it in the beginning. (I was going through a hate phase with survey panels)


The frequency is a not as high as Opinion Outpost or all the other survey panels, but they do operate on dollar amounts and not on points. Survey Lion is also pretty good at sending you surveys that you actually qualify for, so you don’t waste so much time answering qualifying questions only to find out you’re not eligible.


The downside of the platform is that they pay you in cheques, not directly through Paypal or some other online payment. I find that a little antiquated, especially because it takes a little while for cheques to come in.


Getting paid via cheques, especially when you’re not in the US becomes a little convenient. It’s kinda antiquated, to be honest, given out times. However, I can confidently say that Survey Lion is reliable, as I have never had an issue with payments.


Start making some extra pocket change answering surveys with Survey Lion. It’s worth it.


5. LegerWeb


Funny enough, as I am writing this blog post I took a little break to complete the LegerWeb survey that got me to my $20 payout minimum!


I’ve only been with LegerWeb for about a couple of months, and I’m ready to cash out. Now, as I mention before, I’m a little lazy with the surveys. I know that could have easily cashed out on the first month, had I answered every single survey invitation I received.


The survey pay ranges from about $1 to $5, depending on the survey, with the lowest prices being allocated to super short surveys (5minutes or so). One good thing about LegerWeb is that even when you’re not eligible for a survey, you still get points to use towards sweepstakes.


Oh, and if you collect AirMiles, you will definitely benefit from this survey platform! They give you AirMiles points if you so choose. You can cash in AirMiles, in cheque, or as a Visa gift card. Alternatively, you can also donate your money to non-profit organizations.


Sign up with LegerWeb here to make some extra money.


So, how much do I make from these 5 survey panels? Well, it really depends on the month. When I’m very consistent and take surveys every day, I can earn around $10 per panel in a month.


Unfortunately, I’m a little lazy, and more often than not I skip the invitations to answer some of the surveys (especially if they take more than 10min). But, given what I hear from discussions with others, I’m not even making a third of what most people earn with these surveys.


That brings me to my next goal: dedicate about 1 hour a day to answering surveys from all these panels. I’m pretty sure that amount will increase once I start doing that and if I stick to it. I’ll post an update on that!


Until then, check those panels and sign up. They are all free to join!


If you don’t feel like signing up for all of them or really just want to test the waters for now, I’d strongly recommend signing up for Swagbucks. It sends you surveys from tonnes of different panels, including Peanut Labs.


Peanut Labs is a great panel and I love their surveys! The only reason I didn’t include it here is because I really only have access to it through Swagbucks and Daily Rewards. I don’t think you need to sign up for Peanut Labs directly. You can just have one place for all your surveys with Swagbucks (or Daily Rewards).


Your turn:


Have tried answering surveys to earn extra cash online? Which panels are you using? I’d love to compare results with you! How much money are you making from surveys, monthly?


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