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The First Time is Always Awkward!

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You’ve been thinking about it for so long it has invaded your almost every thought. Heck, you even dream about it! But it’s nerve-wracking, and you don’t know if you’re ready.


Are you?


As usual, anxiety takes over, and you start going over all the different ways it can go wrong. What if someone you know finds out? It’s freaking embarrassing! Yeah, it’s a very normal thing, and nowadays everyone is doing it, but you have no experience – what if it’s noticeable? You’ll mess it all up and make a fool of yourself!


But there’s that rush and desire to take the jump and do it. You don’t know exactly what to do, but you wanna do it so bad! There’s that tingling inside again! So exciting, yet so nervous!


Then, it comes the day, that amazing day everything will change! You go for it, all the way, but not without the awkward silence that ensues the room.


Now, your mind goes blank, and you can’t even form a meaningful word. How the heck do you get past the awkward stuttering?


Does any of it sound familiar? I bet it does!


first blog post


No matter how much you’ve thought about it, you never really feel ready for your first time. For some, adrenaline takes over, and they just go with it. For others like myself, though, it paralyzes you and you can’t think straight. So, as most people do nowadays, I googled it!


Google what exactly, you ask. Isn’t it obvious?



I don’t know what you were thinking, but I was just talking about my first blog post: It’s exciting and nerve-wracking all at the same time. I literally stared at my computer in awkward silence for 20 minutes!


Eventually, I started writing, and 30 minutes later I was asking myself – “Where the hell am I going with this!?” I had to take to Google for some inspiration.


Google time!


Google is great to find inspirations (and distractions). For instance, I found this article about writing your first blog post – 3 Easy Questions to Answer for Your First Blog Post. It’s an easy to follow read for anyone thinking of taking the plunge and have their first time at blogging.


According to the article, you should answer 3 questions: Who are you? How did you get here? Why are you writing?


Technically, your first blog post is really the about page and I sort of answered those questions in mine (read it here). For this post, I wanted to lighten the mood a little and not make it too serious.


So, I went looking for interesting first-time blog posts:


1.    “Why” by Jason Kottke.


KOTTLE First Post


 Ooh! I love the header, and I love how straightforward it is. Kottke’s first blog post is also to the point, and I think it works wonders!


2.    “Mars’ CocoaVia: Life by Chocolate” by the Consumerist



     Aha! Totally random topic by the Consumerist but I love the sarcastic tone!


3. “Goodbye 2006, Hellow 1997…” by Coppyblogger



And, of course, I had to check out CopyBlogger’s first blog post. I was not disappointed!


It’s interesting to see what everyone wrote for their first post, especially when you look at how successful they are today.


Now that we broke the ice a little let’s get back on focus!


My Blogging Mindset Score!



Turns out that amid my ramblings in this post and getting distracted with Google, I stumbled across an interesting assessment tool over at the Elite Blog Academy. It’s called the Blogging Mindset Score.


Elite Blog Academy assessment tool


Oh boy! I’m right there in the middle! Figures, I never really lean too much one way or the other in anything in life – yes, I can be boring that way!


The good news is that it seems that I have serious potential as a blogger – let’s see how that goes! I wonder how I’ll score a few months from now.


You know, blogging is hard! From trying to figure out what to blog about, to get up the courage to do it – it takes time, effort and above all perseverance! That’s partly why I want E-riches Club not to be another blog about blogging and how much I make from it.


In fact, at this very moment, I make $0 from blogging! Yet, if you check out my income report overview for 2016, you’ll see I’m already making money online – without a blog!


Don’t get me wrong, this is not an anti-blogging blog. I mean, I like sarcasm and irony plenty, but I won’t go that far.


If done right, blogging can be a great success and source of income. It can give you the life you want and dream of. But, it does come with its setbacks – frustration, tons of time away from your family trying to make it work, etc.


Blogging is a business, and like any business, it takes time, effort and the right strategies to make it work. Until you get there, it is tough!


So, E-riches Club will be (for the most part at least) about different ways to make money online, that don’t necessarily involve blogging. I won’t entirely run away from blogging – after all, it is a very lucrative way to e-riches!


It simply won’t be my main topic of focus. Rather, I’ll focus more on things like e-lancing platforms and ways to make money for techies, creatives, and anyone in between.


In fact, my next couple of posts will be exactly about that – ways to reach e-riches without a blog!


Stay tuned!

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