Websites that Pay Beginner Freelance Writers

Websites that Pay Beginner Freelance Writers Writing has always been in demand, but the thriving industry of blogging and content marketing has made writers even more valuable than ever before. If you have a talent for the written word, you can get paid big bucks to write for the web.

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Writing has always been in demand, but the thriving industry of blogging and content marketing has made writers even more valuable than ever before. If you have a talent for the written word, you can get paid big bucks to write for the web.

The ability to tell a compelling and captivating story through the written word is a highly valuable skill. Whether you’re a creative writer, a copywriter or a technical writer, you can put that valuable skill of yours to use and make a living writing.

Writing for a living is a dream career. You can help inform crowds about a particular subject, help people find solutions for specific problems, create awareness about a cause or even entertain kids with a fun story.

What can be better than that?

Well, you can do all of that from the comfort of your own home, on your own schedule while having a great life-work balance! That would top it!

Sounds dreamy? It does, but it’s not a fable. You can actually make that a reality.

There are several different ways you can make a living writing from home:

  • You can become a freelance writer
  • Write your own fantasy books and publish it to Bookbub
  • Create a blog where you can write about a specific niche
  • You can write your own memoir or a non-fiction book and publish it on Amazon Kindle
  • Write product reviews for review websites
  • You can even create your own informational products and sell them on Gumroad
  • Or you can help online coaches write up their courses and guides for their clients

The possibilities are so vast; it’s hard to put it all here.

What exactly you write about and what type of writing you want to do is really up to you. Even if you much prefer just writing poetry, there’s still a way for you to make money online writing.

So, to help you with that, I’ve compiled a list of websites and platforms that either pay you directly for writing or where you can find clients and writing opportunities.

Because you’re most likely just starting out, today I’m including websites and platforms that hire beginner writers and pay writers who may not have previously published publications.

Let’s get to it, shall we? Here we go!

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Job Boards to Find Work-from-home Writing Work

Job boards websites that you may be quite familiar with — these are your usual places to find job opportunities for offline work.

More and more companies are listing job opportunities for online/work-from-home positions, and the writing industry is perfect for the WFH setting.


FlexJobs is an online job board specifically for work opportunities with flexible work settings such as telecommuting, flexible hours and fully online/from home settings.

Unlike most job boards, you know, the job listings are vetted before they are posted on the job board, so you can rest assured you won’t be falling for any online job scams.

To access FlexJobs’ vast list of job opportunities, you do need to pay a monthly subscription fee.

Niche: Any niche – determined by the clients

Writing Style: Any style


Pay Rate: Depends on the client/project.


ProBlogger is a blogging platform you’re probably already familiar with. They also have a job board mostly dedicated to freelance writing and writing gigs for bloggers.

Niche: various niches

Writing Style: blogging style


Pay Rate: Depends on the client/project.


SimplyHired is another popular job board where you can do specific searches for writing jobs. You can also set up a profile, include your resume and have job alerts, so you never miss an opportunity.

Niche: various, depends on the clients.

Writing Style: various, depends on the clients


Pay Rate: Depends on the client/project.

Genuine Jobs

Genuine Jobs is a freelance job board where you can select and find freelance writing projects to apply to.

Niche: various, depends on the clients.

Writing Style: various, depends on the clients


Pay Rate: Depends on the client/project.

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Freelance Writing Job Boards

Much like in regular job boards, the following websites are job boards were you can search job listings through a directory-style platform, select the jobs you’re interested in and apply directly on the job board.

In this case, though, the job boards listed in this section are specific to freelance writing. These are great places to look for a variety of writing jobs that you can apply directly through the job board platform.

Freelance Writing Job Board

A job board, established in 1997, where you can find freelance writing jobs. The benefit of this board is that job listings are well-researched and pre-selected so that you won’t be finding bogus listings.

Here, you’ll find actual job listings (vs. writing projects/gigs) posted by a variety of companies throughout the world, including big brand names such as American Eagle Outfitters, World Sports Network, among others.

Niche: Any niche – determined by the employer

Writing Style: Depends on the temployer


Additional details: You don’t need to pay or subscribe to a membership to access the job board, so it’s great if you’re just getting started.

Freelance Writing Jobs

Previously known as Freelance Writing Gigs, this job board works a little more like a blog website that gives you updates on current writing gigs, as well as other freelance writing tips.

Niche: Any niche – determined by the employer

Writing Style: Depends on the employer


Additional details: You don’t need to pay or subscribe to a membership to access the job board, so it’s great if you’re just getting started.

Journalism Jobs

A job board dedicated to journalists and journalism projects. Founded in 1998 and followed by top news companies.

Niche: Any niche – determined by employer

Writing Style: Depends on the employer


Additional details: This one may be a little above beginner writer’s level, but I wanted to include it for aspiring journalists who are just starting to get their career started but have some published articles to clip to their application.

Freelancing Platforms to Find Writing Projects

These are platforms to find freelance work in general, including writing projects and clients looking for staff writers as well.

In essence, they are similar to job boards specifically for freelancing projects, but some of these also include additional benefits and features: onboarding clients, invoicing clients and collecting payments, etc.

Because of these added featured and specifications, some of these platforms can charge a subscription fee or a transaction fee when you receive payments for work done, although not all of them do that.

Also pretty standard for these freelancing platforms is that you will need to set up a profile, so be ready to have a resume, present samples or relevant experience and write up a freelancer profile description.


While UpWork is not specifically for writers, it is a platform that allows you to search for various freelancing projects, including writing gigs. I use this platform to make extra money online when I need it and have had great experiences.

The only downside I see from this platform is that you have to bid for projects, and oftentimes competing with people who can write a 1000-word article for only $10, makes it hard to nail a gig.

On the plus side, UpWork is great for discovering new clients and getting all the payroll and contract details done for you – the platform manages it all for a 20% starting fee per paycheque. 

I’ve heard some people complaining about the fee. Still, I find it to be fair considering that you don’t need to come up with a business name, a business email address, have letterheads or create your own invoices, you also don’t need to go after clients to get paid because the platform does all of that for you. Plus, you can track your work time using their time tracker. They can also offer some peace of mind if something goes sideways with your clients.

Upwork is free to sign up and set up a profile, but they do have a premium plan for freelancers now, which promises to have added benefits. I use their free plan and have made consistent income with them without problems, so I would recommend starting free first.

Niche: Any niche – determined by the clients

Writing Style: Depends on client’s needs


Additional details: Over time, Upwork has added a few different measures and indicators to verify clients, but the job listings per se are not vetted, so you need to be vigilant. I only mention this for your benefit, but I have never encountered a scam or sketchy clients on Upwork.

Also important to note, while they do charge a 20% transaction fee, this fee decreases after you’ve hit a few different milestones, i.e. have earned $500 from the same client. They do this to promote and award long-term projects and repeat clients.


Fiverr is a freelancing platform where you can sell your writing services as gig packages. While it starts at $5 per gig, you can add premium packages for a higher amount, or you can offer extra features on each gig for an extra fee.

All you have to do is sign-up and create a freelancer profile. Then, add a writing gig with a catchy description and some work samples. Usually, clients come to you and place orders that you’ve already predetermined in your gig, but you can also offer custom orders for an arranged price or check out the open orders section to see what clients are looking for.

Niche: Any niche – determined by clients

Writing Style: Any style


Additional details: One thing that sort of annoys me a little about Fiverr is that you need to check in daily and almost hourly, or have an alert notification. Otherwise, you might have an order placed without noticing, and it goes without being fulfilled. That’s a big no-no because it affects your ratings and gets you in trouble with the platform.

Also, the more successful Fiverr freelancers are the ones who promote their gigs everywhere (i.e. social media, etc.). If you don’t do that, you may get little to no orders.


Another well-known online freelancing job platform is Freelancer. With this freelancing platform, you have access to hundreds of freelance gigs, including freelance writing. Once you see something you like, you can pitch and bid for it.

Much like Upwork, Freelancer is a bidding freelance platform, so you need to be able to stay competitive while maintaining your desired rate standards.

As a freelancer, you can sign up and set up your profile and verify your account. To fully complete your profile, you need to take some of their skills tests, but these are pretty basic.

Also, like Upwork, Freelancer has both a free membership for freelancers and a premium membership where you get extra bids per month and few other benefits. As always, I recommend you take a really good try at this platform using their free plan first before you spend any money.

Niche: Any niche – determined by the clients

Writing Style: Depends on client’s needs


Additional details: Unlike Upwork and many other online freelancing platforms, with Freelancer project listings can be posted in various currencies and are not restricted to the usual USD. While this kind of threw me off a little, it might be a plus if you’re an international freelance writer working from Europe, India or a different continent.


Guru is a freelance platform you can use to find many different kinds of freelancing work, including writing gigs/projects. Like most freelancing platforms, you will need to sign up and create an attractive and compelling freelancer profile.

Also, like many freelancing platforms, Guru offers both free and premium plans for freelancers, with the latter giving you extra perks. In this case, Guru offers quite an array of premium plans – 4 plans to be exact. Each differs in terms of the transaction fees deducted from your pay for work done, as well as how many bids you’re allotted per month.

Niche: Any niche – determined by clients

Writing Style: Depends on client’s needs


Additional details: This is more for advanced freelancers, but a cool thing about Guru is that you can sign up as an agency of freelancers/freelancer group. You’ll need to select the Business or Executive membership plans for that, though, but if you already have a team in place, this may be a good way to get and manage clients, projects and invoicing.

Freelance Writing Platforms

Okay, what exactly are freelance writing platforms, and how do they differ from all the other websites I mentioned above?

Great question!

Freelance writing platforms are similar to freelance platforms like Upwork and Freelancer in that they have systems in place to help you with onboarding clients, submitting invoices and so on. The difference is that these specific platforms are tailored specifically to clients who are looking for writers. So they only accept writers to their freelancer network (vs. graphic designers or other freelancers).

You should know that more often than not, these more focused platforms do require you to go through some hoops like an application process, and acceptance may not be guaranteed.

That being said, I include them here because most of them accept beginner writers with little to no experience, although you may need to prove you have the skills.


ContentFly is a website that hires writers for client work. They focus mainly on content for company blogs, web pages and social media profiles. Well-known companies such as Medium, Inc., and WSJ have used their services. This is a ghostwriting platform.

As a writer, you access your dashboard filled with assignments, select one and start working on it. You have to meet deadlines and specifications set out in the brief.

They have a writer tiered level based on ratings, which means Tier 3 writers (beginners) will start out by getting whatever is left and wasn’t picked up by upper-level writers.

Niche: Any niche – determined by clients

Writing Style: Any style


Pay Rate: Compensation averages at $0.05 per word. In their writer intro guide, they claim that their top writers make about $700/week. You need to invoice the platform weekly to receive your PayPal payment weekly as well.


iWriter is a freelance platform specifically for writers. You sign up as a writer, and then you’re taken to a dashboard full of content projects. Clients post what they need, and you can pick the assignments you want to work on and submit within the indicated timeframe. This is mostly for writing articles/blog posts, rather than more long-form content.

They have levels and rating systems for both clients and writers. The higher you are as a writer, the more you get paid per word count. However, everyone starts on the standard level, no matter how experienced they are.

It’s also important to note that pay can be quite low in the beginning and you don’t have access to higher level assignments — you have to work your way up to the Elite level.

Niche: Any niche – determined by clients

Writing Style: Articles, blog posts


Pay Rate: Varies depending on the assignment, word count and your writing level.

E-Writer Solutions

E-writer Solutions is a freelancing platform for ghostwriters. This website focuses on ghostwriting eBooks for clients — nothing else.

They accept beginner writers, but you need to be fluent in English — they note their writers are from the US or Canada. Since it’s all about eBooks, you need to be comfortable writing over 5,000 words.

They have a 3-tier system, with first-tier for being new writers with little experience to the 3rd tier being experienced writers. This is not just about your writing skills; everyone will start in tier 1.

Niche: Any niche – determined by clients

Writing Style: long-form — eBooks


Pay Rate: They’re not very clear, but they charge clients $1.50/100 words for their tier 1 services. You’ll likely earn more as you move up through their tier system.

Constant Content

Constant Content is a content writing and project sourcing website for freelance writers. You can register as a freelance writer, even if you’re a beginner. However, there’s a short application process.

Unlike other platforms for freelance writing, you can write articles ahead and post them up for sale (vs. client setting up the project listing). You can sell your articles with full-rights or with usage-only rights. The first would be at a premium price, and you can only sell once, whereas the latter you can sell over and over to various buyers, but it would be at a lower price tag. All of this is in addition to getting hired by clients and doing custom pieces.

Niche: Any niche

Writing Style: Any style


Pay Rate: You can set up your per-article price or pick up custom-orders at a pay-rate set up by the client.

Online Writing Jobs

Online Writing Jobs is a freelance writing platform for bloggers, copywriters and SEO content writers. This platform is free to join, but it’s only available for U.S. citizens.

To get accepted to Online Writing Jobs, you need to go through an application process where you not only set up your profile but also need to submit proper documentation and write a custom writing sample following their specific instructions.

Niche: Various niches

Writing Style: Any style


Pay Rate: Payment is through PayPal, and they pay up to $50/article.

Concluding Thoughts

There you have it, a list of quite a few different websites and platforms you can leverage to start making money from your writing talents.

This list, of course, is not exhaustive as there are so many more websites and platforms where you can find writing gigs online. For beginners, though, it’s quite a good start, and these some of the most beginner-friendly platforms I’ve found.

Speaking of beginner friendly, here’s a bonus to the list…

BONUS: HubPages

This is how I started writing online. In the beginning, I just wanted to rekindle my love for writing. As the platform grew, I eventually got paid for some of my articles through their shared ad revenue program.

The great thing about HubPages is that the content is your own even once it’s published – you keep full rights to your content, no matter what. 

They also have an editor’s process that provides you with some feedback to improve your content and make you a better writer.

Niche: Various niches, great for creative writers

Writing Style: Various styles – your choice


Pay rate: Shared Ad Revenue; Ebay and Amazon Affiliates (they set up for you).

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Have you tried any of the websites/platforms I mentioned here?

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