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How to Start Working from Home Free Summit

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Let’s get real. Working from home is a dreamy idea, but it’s not as easy as it sounds! Thousands of people search for work from home jobs every day. Yet, very few people can make it a successful source of income, let alone build an online business.

I know, not the greatest way to set the tone, but it’s the truth. Not everyone makes it out of this overwhelming online industry with a successful business to show for. Many try and many fail.

Now, let’s make sure that YOU are NOT one of those people! Shall we?

When the overwhelm kicks in, you kick it out with a plan of action!

When self-doubt questions your ability to take charge of your future, you bust out your laptop and say, “Well, I can learn it!”

And when the nay-sayers tell you that you can’t do it, you look them right in the eyes, with a smirk on your face and say, “Just watch me!”

Don’t let it boggle you down because what you need is the right tools and guidance, and that’s precisely what Work Your Way Summit gives you!

You’ll have a plan. You’ll know where to start. You’ll shift your mindset. And you’ll get to work!

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Start working from home and take charge of your success. This free summit will teach you how to go from overwhelm to action plan and taking the next steps in your online business success.


From the creator of ProofreadAnywhere – Caitlin Pyle – the Work Your Way Summit is a free online event that teaches work-at-home enthusiasts, just like you, how to start their online journeys and have an action plan for success.

In this summit, you have access to insightful and value-packed interviews with experts in various niches of the online world. You’ll get a ton of great free resources and will come out of it with a plan.

The Work Your Way Summit runs from March 29th to April 24th, 2020. You can watch the interviews over and over again through April 24th, 2020.

You can sign up at any time during this period, but signing up earlier will ensure you get all the free resources they offer.

First Free Resource – April 1st, 2020 – it’s Caitlin’s Work-at-Home Truth Bombs eBook. Sign up here before Wednesday to get it.


This free event is for anyone who wants to break out of the rat race and start working their way – no more bosses telling you what to do, no more long commutes, no more limited income.

This is absolutely the summit for your if you:

  • Are tired of your soul-crushing 9-5 job.
  • Want to start working from home using the skills you already have.
  • Want to build an online business.
  • Want to be your own boss and work your way.
  • Want an income source that can grow without a capped limit.
  • Want a better work-life balance on your own terms.
  • Want to learn new skills to reach new potential.
  • Want to learn how to start your online journey but don’t know how.
  • Want to start and build a skills-based service online.
  • Want to make a living doing what you love.

Does any of that sound like you? Then the Work Your Way Summit is the right event for you.

Sign up right now to get all the resources they offer!


The summit is packed with interviews with experts in the online space. They cover different aspects of working at home and running your own online business and include a variety of niches.

See the outline of the Free Summit below.

Part 1: Break Free

This part is all about setting up your mindset for success, overcoming money blocks, and goal-setting.

The interviews included are:

  • Marc Guberti – Productivity, motivation, empowerment
  • Beth Learn – Online workouts Videos, e-courses and podcasts
  • Dan Cumberland – Finding fulfillment and purpose
  • Sagam Morrow – Time management when life gets busy
  • Lauren Golden – Freelance success kit
  • Eileen Wilder – Building confidence
  • Julie Stoian – Create the life you want
  • Hilary Sutton – Vision and goal Planning

Part 2: Level Up

Learn new skills from people who make a living working from home by blogging, self-publishing, affiliate marketing, selling on Amazon, selling their crafts and more.

The interviews included are:

  • Gina Horkey – Become a virtual assistant
  • Rob & Melissa – Flea marketing flipping
  • Janet Shaughnessy – Make money with transcription
  • Julie Eickhoff – Voice over work
  • Michelle Schroeder-Gardner – Affiliate marketing (see her course here)
  • Hahna Latonick – Web development
  • Jennifer Thomé – Work from home translating & interpreting
  • Petter Valley – Buying/selling books on Amazon
  • Ashley Gainer – Writing for blogs and businesses
  • Brittany Bayley – Writing email copy
  • Julia Taylor – Website coding

Part 3: Launch

How to market yourself, find clients, manage work/life balance, networking and even how to work online while travelling.

The interviews included are:

  • Monica Louie – Marketing on Facebook
  • Carey & Demir Bentley – Managing your time effectively
  • Brittany Bullen – Marketing with your Personality
  • Lisa London – Streamline your accounting systems
  • Claire Diaz-Ortiz – Work smart, earn more & Twitter marketing
  • Cloris Kylie – Influencer Marketing
  • Matt Astifan – Facebook advertising
  • Kelly George – Homeschool How-tos
  • Brittany Long – How to build funnels
  • Esther Inman – Remote resume building
  • Kristin Ingram – Build a business 101
  • Yael Bendahan – VIP client formula
  • Brad McOwen – Website building
  • Abbi Perets – Double your income
  • Danielle Gagnan – SEO for Etsy shops
  • Yara Golden – Subscriber Engagement

Get access today

Start working from home and take charge of your success. This free summit will teach you how to go from overwhelm to action plan and taking the next steps in your online business success.

How to Work Your Way Free Online Summit 2

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You will also get a ton of free resources from the Work Your Way team and from the experts themselves.

Here’s a look at the Work Your Way Summit FREE Resources:

  • Wat-At-Home Heroes Facebook Group – a private group for Summit viewers.
  • 35+ interviews with experts
  • The Work-at-Home Truth Bombs eBook – April 1st, 2020
  • 6 Facebook Lives answering all your questions – the first one is April 8th, 2020
  • The Money Mindset Transformation Guide and Workshop Watch Party – only available Monday, April 13th at 8PM EDT
  • And much more from each expert!

Like I said, it’s packed with value and resources that will get you from zero to action plan!

You’ll start out with a prep – learn how to shift your mindset, build confidence and prepare a goal-focused plan of action.

Then, you’ll venture into different skillsets and niches and explore the many different ways to make money online – blogging and affiliate marketing are absolutely not the only ways!

Finally, you’ll learn the advanced skills you need to really make a dent in the online industry – from marketing to building funnels and automating your business, everything you need to start your work-from-home journey.

So, what do you say? Are you going to coil in the overwhelm and wonder what if? Or are you going to kick doubt in the butt and start to finally Work Your Way?

Start working from home and take charge of your success. This free summit will teach you how to go from overwhelm to action plan and taking the next steps in your online business success.

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